My family and I live together with our Jack Russell Terriers seit 2014 a village in the North Rhön near Fulda.
My court of arms
We are living in a big farm house with several stables and outbuildings, which is all together called ?Ewaldshof?. My family lives on that farm since generations an so I didn?t hesitate a moment as I had to choose my kennel?s name.

I am owning Jack Russel Terriers for over twenty years, now. My first one was Babsy. I bought her at a riding tournament in Zeiskam, where I get to know their former owners. She was a crazy little dog, which brought a lot of fun into my children?s and my live.

Reasoned by my breeding of horses I went to England one year later. I visited a riding stable nearby London. There I saw the great variety of this small terriers and they captured my heart in a second. A few days later I was part of a battue and there I saw that these terriers are very skilful hunting dogs.

I determined to breed Jack Russell Terriers in Germany. At a meeting of the British Jack Russell Terrier Club I met the breeder Mrs. Ricarda Geiser, who was absoloutly enthusiastic about these terriers. She told me about Eddie Chapman, an English breeder and his Foxwarren- Kennels.

Soon I was on my way to meet this man and his terriers. I bought a bitch and the famous dog Rebell of Foxwarren. That?s how everything started?
Mikela Haustein

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